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I started collecting antique linen tablecloths years ago because I love fabric, I love to entertain and I can't cook to save my life - but I can set a beautiful table. Did you know that a fabulously set dining room table can almost make up for a total lack of culinary talent? Way back then the only tablecloths available were linen, cotton, plastic or paper. We won't go into my thoughts on paper and plastic but we will chat about cotton and linen. As beautiful as they are the problem with linen and cotton tablecloths is they have to be treated with care, they hold onto stains and they love to be ironed. Unfortunately, I don't have the same feeling about ironing. So I searched for fabrics that looked great but required little or no ironing so that I could toss them into the washer, dryer and put right back on the table. When I first started this business my kids would see a new tablecloth on the table every day and ask "who's coming for dinner?"  Now they know - tablecloths aren't just for company.


Setting a beautiful table just got fun and easy!


It's great fun to set a beautiful table and it all starts with a tablecloth. But let's face it you don't want to spend all your time washing and ironing the tablecloth and then hovering over your guests at dinner hoping they don't spill gravy or wine on grandmom's linen tablecloth. Our tablecloths are easy to launder and most of our tablecloths can go from the dryer right back onto the table.

Every party starts with a tablecloth whether it is to cover a utility table, protect your gorgeous wood dining room table or just to set the right mood for the party. Every table is one large surface just waiting to be dressed up and set for your guests. There is no easier or more effective way to transform your room than by changing your tablecloths. Sequins to Satins, Taffeta to Damask, Sheers to Embroideries, a beautiful tablecloth dresses up every table, every event and every dinner.

Our tablecloths are available in standard sizes as well as custom sizes made just for your table. Now you can have a beautiful tablecloth that fits your table, in the color and pattern you like in a fabric that is easy to clean. 

Most of our fabrics are easily washed and require little of any ironing if promptly removed from the dryer. We do have some higher ends fabrics that may need to be dry cleaned and those will be noted and are not suggested for everyday use with food and beverages. Sometimes a wonderful fabric comes my way and I can't resist even though I know it is not practical and it will only go on the table so I can admire it. But you might need a tablecloth just to admire as well so I do show them and again, I will note these fabrics clearly.

We look forward to helping you set you table in style and on budget.


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